Yes, support assistance is available for rented devices from SPURGE.

At the time of the delivery of your device, detailed information on the device will be provided along with a dedicated link to raise request / ticket in case you might require support.

Some common aspects of support assistance for rented devices include:

  1. Technical Support: SPURGE often offers technical support to address issues with rented devices. This could include troubleshooting hardware or software problems.
  2. Maintenance Services: Basic maintenance or assistance with device optimization might be provided during the rental period.
  3. Repair Services: If the rented device encounters issues during the rental period, SPURGE offers repair services to ensure its proper functioning.
  4. Customer Service: Access to customer service representatives who can provide guidance and assistance for any concerns related to the rented device.

It’s essential to refer to the specific terms and conditions in the rental agreement or contact SPURGE directly to understand the extent of support assistance available for rented devices and how to access this support during the rental period.