If you are not available during the scheduled delivery or pickup time arranged with Spurge, the following will be done.

Missed Delivery:

  1. Re-scheduling: You might be able to re-schedule the delivery for another convenient time slot. Contact Spurge as soon as possible to rearrange the delivery time.
  2. Additional Charges: Depending on their policies, repeated missed deliveries or rescheduling might incur additional charges. Be sure to check the terms regarding missed deliveries.

Missed Pickup:

  1. Re-scheduling: Contact Spurge promptly to arrange for an alternative pickup time that works for both parties.
  2. Late Fees or Extension Charges: In case the pickup is delayed significantly beyond the agreed-upon time, additional charges might apply. Familiarize yourself with their terms regarding missed pickups.

It’s essential to communicate any scheduling conflicts or changes in availability with Spurge as soon as possible to prevent inconvenience and potential additional charges. Rescheduling and accommodating changes might be possible, but it’s crucial to adhere to their policies and communicate effectively to minimize any issues related to missed delivery or pickup times.