Q: What happens if the rented equipment gets damaged?

A: In case of any accidental, physical, or liquid damage to the rented equipment, the client is responsible for bearing the associated costs. It is important for clients to handle the equipment with care to avoid any such incidents.

Q: Are there any damages that the client is not responsible for?

A: Yes. If the equipment suffers from defects or issues that are covered under the manufacturer’s warranty, the client will not be responsible for those costs. These may include specific hardware malfunctions or software issues that are acknowledged by the manufacturer as a defect.

Q: Is there a process for assessing damage charges?

A: Upon return, the equipment will be thoroughly inspected to assess any damages. If damages are found, we will provide a detailed cost breakdown of the required repairs or replacement costs that the client needs to cover.

Q: Can clients get insurance to cover potential damages?

A: Yes, clients are encouraged to opt for insurance coverage if available. This insurance can help cover the costs of accidental damages, thereby providing peace of mind during the rental period.

Q: What should a client do if they notice pre-existing damage?

A: If a client notices any pre-existing damage at the time of receiving the equipment, it should be reported immediately to our team. This way, the client can avoid being held responsible for damages that they did not cause.