Rentals | Terms and Conditions

Prompt Payment Terms: Starting Your Rental Journey

  • Upfront Payment for New Orders: You must pay for your initial order before we dispatch it.
  • Timely Renewal Payments: Please pay your renewal invoices within 7 days of each monthly billing cycle.
  • Monthly Billing Details: We will provide a detailed running units sheet each month, outlining your billing.

Software and Licences: What’s on Your Laptop?

  • Default Operating Systems: Each laptop comes with either a Windows OS (OEM license) or Ubuntu.
  • Additional Software Availability: Please note, software like MS Office and Photoshop are not part of the package.
  • LibreOffice Option: Upon request, we can pre-install LibreOffice to meet your office application needs.

Understanding Usage and Damage Cost Conditions

  • Client’s Responsibility for Damages: You will bear the charges for any accidental, physical, liquid damage, or loss of the laptop.
  • Warranty Coverage: We do not charge for defects under the manufacturer’s warranty, subject to the manufacturer’s claim policy.
  • Laptop Performance: The performance of the laptop depends on the configuration you request.

Deposit Matters: Security and Refunds Explained

  • Initial Deposit Requirement: A refundable deposit, equivalent to a minimum of one month’s rental, is required.
  • Refund Conditions: We will refund your deposit upon returning the laptop in working condition, accounting for minor wear and tear.
  • Non-Refundable for Unfulfilled Tenure: If you do not fulfill the contracted lock-in tenure, the deposit will not be refunded.

Return and Cancellation Terms: Keeping it Simple

  • How to Request a Return: Please email us at,, or to initiate a return.
  • Billing and Charges Post-Return Request: We stop billing after receiving your return request, but charges apply until we receive the laptop.
  • Client’s Responsibility for Data: Ensuring data backup and erasure lies with you, the client.

Logistics: Deliveries and Pickups Made Easy

  • Nationwide Delivery and Pickup Charges: We charge Rs. 800 per unit and address for PAN India doorstep delivery and pickup.
  • Convenient Billing for Delivery: We bill the delivery charges during the initial delivery to streamline the process.
  • Free Services in Bangalore: Enjoy free delivery and pickup within Bangalore city.

Please Note: The terms and conditions outlined here are specific to SPURGE’s laptop rental services and may differ for other services or providers. In any discrepancies between prior discussions and the signed agreement, the terms in the signed agreement will prevail as the final and binding arrangement.