Laptop Spa Package

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Laptop Spa

₹ 999

Refresh and rejuvenate. Experience a pristine, like-new finish.

Up to 20+ Internal areas covered
Get your laptop fresh and clean
Takes ~ 1.5 Hours (Continuous)

What’s Included
  • Internal Cleaning

  • Motherboard cleanup

  • Exhaust area

  • Dust and Dirt Removal

  • Keyboard cleaning

  • Screen & Camera

  • Mic and Speaker

  • External body cleaning

  • External ports cleaning

  • Fix loose screws

  • Pack in static cover

Most Popular

Laptop Therapy

₹ 1699

Comprehensive care. Boost your laptop’s performance.

25+ Main Tests and Fixes
Laptop Spa included
Takes ~ 3 hours (Continious)

What’s Included
  • Everything of Laptop SPA

  • RAM Clean & Test

  • Fan Cleaning & Test

  • Display Test

  • Adapter

  • Body/Cosmetic Check

  • Battery Health

  • SSD Health

  • Keyboard

  • Speaker

  • Microphone

  • Camera

  • Ports

  • Wi-Fi

  • Trackpad

  • File System Cleanup

  • External Display Output
  • BIOS/UEFI Settings

  • Bluetooth

  • Software Updates
  • Device Drivers

  • Touchpad Buttons

  • Hibernate/Sleep Mode Test

  • Hotkeys and Function Keys

  • Free Screen Lamination

Laptop Ultimate Care

₹ 2699

Peak protection and performance. Unmatched care for the best results.

20+ Extended Tests and Configurations
Laptop Spa & Therepy included
Takes ~6 hours+ (Continious)

What’s Included
  • Everything of Laptop SPA & Therepy

  • Extended Memory Diagnostic

  • CPU Stress Testing

  • GPU Stress Testing

  • Reinstall OS if requested

  • Security Software (Firewall, Antivirus)

  • Virus and Malware Scan

  • Thermal Refresh

  • Battery Charging Behavior

  • Battery Calibration

  • Privacy Settings and Data Protection

  • Keyboard Backlighting (if available)

  • Webcam Privacy Cover Install

  • Wireless Card and Signal Strength

  • Touchpad Gestures and Customization

  • Startup and Boot Time

  • File System and Disk Integrity

  • Optimize Graphics config

  • Configure Security Features

  • Install tools for productivity

  • Second Quality Check Assurance

Quality Check

After Service, Repair, Fix
We have dedicated team for quality check without which it laptop dosen’t move further
Laptop ultimate care

Laptop Spa

Refresh and rejuvenate. Experience  like-new finish.

Laptop Therapy

Comprehensive care.
Boost your laptop’s performance.

Laptop Ultimate Care

Peak protection & performance. Care for the best results.

Our Promise

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