Laptop Spa

Laptop Spa

₹ 999

Refresh and rejuvenate. Experience a pristine, like-new finish.

Up to 20+ Internal areas covered, Get your laptop fresh and clean. Takes ~ 1.5 Hours (Continuous)

What’s Included
  • Internal Cleaning
    Compressed air at right angle, and a special soft brush / lint-free cloth with isopropyl alcohol.

    • Dust and Debris
    • Cooling Fans
    • Heat Sinks
    • RAM Slots
    • Keyboard Underside (if accessible)
    • Connectors and Ports
    • Storage Drive / SSD connectors
    • Battery Contacts
    • Display connectors (if accessible)
  • Motherboard cleanup

  • Exhaust area

  • Dust and Dirty Removal
  • Keyboard cleaning

  • Screen & Camera

  • Mic and Speaker

  • External body cleaning

  • External ports cleaning

  • Fix loose screws

  • Pack in static cover

General Practice
  • Compresed Air blower specifically for laptop cleaning

  • Static matt across table and workdesk and static golves

  • High quality Isopropyl alcohol for internal components cleaning

  • Precise and Soft brush, Lint-free cloth for cleaning

  • Experienced Engineers

Laptop Spa

Refresh and rejuvenate. Experience  like-new finish.

Laptop Therapy

Comprehensive care.
Boost your laptop’s performance.

Laptop Ultimate Care

Peak protection & performance. Care for the best results.

Our Promise

At Spurge, our goal is simple: to empower your business by eliminating hardware investment burdens. Recognized consistently for quality and service, we promise to meet your IT needs with precision and professionalism.