Laptop Ultimate care

Laptop Ultimate Care

Simple pricing | deliverying more value

Laptop Ultimate Care

₹ 2699

Peak protection and performance. Unmatched care for the best results.

20+ Extended Tests and Configurations
Laptop Spa & Therepy included
Takes ~6 hours+ (Continious)

What’s Included

  • Everything of Laptop SPA & Therepy

  • Extended Memory Diagnostic

  • CPU Stress Testing

  • GPU Stress Testing

  • Reinstall OS if requested

  • Security Software (Firewall, Antivirus)

  • Virus and Malware Scan

  • Thermal Refresh

  • Battery Charging Behavior

  • Battery Calibration

  • Privacy Settings and Data Protection

  • Keyboard Backlighting (if available)

  • Webcam Privacy Cover Install

  • Wireless Card and Signal Strength

  • Touchpad Gestures and Customization

  • Startup and Boot Time

  • File System and Disk Integrity

  • Optimize Graphics config

  • Configure Security Features

  • Install tools for productivity

  • Second Quality Check Assurance

Laptop Spa

Refresh and rejuvenate. Experience  like-new finish.

Laptop Therapy

Comprehensive care.
Boost your laptop’s performance.

Laptop Ultimate Care

Peak protection & performance. Care for the best results.

Laptop ultimate care
Laptop ultimate care

Our Promise

At Spurge, our goal is simple: to empower your business by eliminating hardware investment burdens. Recognized consistently for quality and service, we promise to meet your IT needs with precision and professionalism.