Did you know that you’re a part of a noble cause ?

The SPURGE Foundation is currently nurturing 10 children, providing them with a loving home, healthy food, quality education, and a nurturing upbringing.๐Ÿ“Google Map, ๐Ÿ“ท Instagram, ๐ŸŒ Website.

As Spurge Rentals grows, aiming to impact the lives of atleast 100 children and more.

How can you help ?

  • Refer Us: Know a company or a person in charge (POC) interested in buying, renting, selling, or servicing laptops? Please fill out this Referral Form below, and our team will reach out to discuss our products and services with them.

  • Spread the Word:

    1. On WhatsApp: Share our mission in your groups, direct messages, or broadcasts. You can find a ready-to-use introductory message about SPURGE. WhatsApp Intro Message.
    2. On LinkedIn: Help raise awareness with a simple LinkedIn post. Click here for a pre-written introduction that you can easily copy and paste:
      LinkedIn Intro Message.

At SPURGE, we believe in building meaningful connections that extend beyond just business. Your efforts in spreading the word or referring us can have a profound impact on the lives of many children.

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