Sales | Terms and Conditions

Warranty Claim Terms: Understanding Your Coverage

  • Exclusion Clauses: We don’t cover accidental, water, or physical damages under warranty. However, we offer chargeable repair services for these issues.
  • Initiating a Warranty Claim: You need to send the device to SPURGE’s office to claim warranty. We can arrange logistics for service/support, but this will be chargeable.
  • Charger and Battery Warranty: The warranty period for chargers and batteries is as specified in the email.
  • Scope of Service under Warranty: We cover only hardware-related services or OS Reset. Support for third-party software is not included.

After Warranty Terms: Continued Support Options

  • Support Post-Warranty: Even after your warranty expires, we offer service support on a chargeable basis.
  • Service Cost Quotes: We provide cost quotes for service and parts free of cost.
  • Chargeable Onsite Support: We offer onsite visits, but please note these and associated logistics are chargeable.

General Terms & Conditions: Key Points to Remember

  • Remote Diagnosis Practices: Our engineers conduct remote diagnosis using standard tools and tests initially.
  • Operating System License Clause: SPURGE does not guarantee a Windows license. If your purchased laptop includes an OEM license, we will provide it; otherwise, obtaining a license is your responsibility.
  • Policy on Additional Software: We don’t provide additional software/application licenses. While we recommend open-source software like LibreOffice, we do not supply pirated or cracked software.

Service & Logistics Support: Ensuring Quality and Convenience

  • Comprehensive Laptop Services: Our services include technical support and maintenance for laptops. These are available at charges depending on the assistance required.
  • Logistics Support for Your Equipment: We offer logistics support for your personal equipment, ensuring safe handling and timely deliveries. These services are chargeable, with fees based on specific requirements.

Please Note: These terms and conditions apply specifically to laptop sales offered by SPURGE and may differ for other products or services. In case of any discrepancies between prior discussions and the signed agreement or last written communication, the terms in the last written communication shall prevail as the final and binding arrangement.